The Fourth of July Book Three: My Brother’s Keeper


ISBN 9798986513522
In the third book of The Fourth of July series, My Brother’s Keeper follows Will McLain and Jessie Smith as they travel into the deep South to find Will’s brother, George, in prisoner-of-war camps where men are dying by the hundreds. Follow along as they race against time to try to find and rescue George. Along the way they encounter numerous people who are fleeing their own desperate times. As Will and Jessie scam their way in and out of situations, Jessie has been holding back a secret from Will. She has her own mission given to her by her adopted father.

The final book of this trilogy is filled with twists that will keep you spellbound. In the end, everyone is surprised by the secrets that are revealed in the letters Louisa McLain has kept neatly organized in a box for 60 years.


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Spies, slave-runners and two brothers' struggle to survive the war

The Fourth of July is a Civil War trilogy that will have you turning pages to see what will happen next

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