The Fourth of July Book Two: Sifting Out Hearts of Men


ISBN 9798986513515
In the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg, Will McLain transfers to the Indiana 19th in order to become a spy with the Jessie Scouts. What he doesn’t know is that his brother, George, has gone unaccounted for after the fight in Gettysburg. Will sets out to find him. He is taken in by the radical abolitionist and fellow spy, Reverend James Franklin Turner and his confidante, Jessie Smith. As Will enters the world of espionage and secret missions during the Civil War, his desire to find his brother often clashes with those of his comrades.

In the second book of The Fourth of July series, Sifting Out the Hearts of Men is the ongoing story of one brother’s determination to find the other. Through the challenges of getting in and out of Civil War prisons, to the trials of an ever-changing agenda, Will takes great chances in finding George and getting him back home. All the while, his mother, Louisa, is waiting to hear the fate of her sons.


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Spies, slave-runners and two brothers' struggle to survive the war

The Fourth of July is a Civil War trilogy that will have you turning pages to see what will happen next

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